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Question 99 Procedure for export of old Indian Currency Notes (Not in use) Coins of various denominations and old postal stamps.

Question 98 Whether B can fulfill export obligation against import of goods at concessional rate imported by A before transfer of business.

Question 97 Reversal of ITC in case Supply of service was made to SEZ under LUT and consideration is received in INR

Question 96 GST implications on consideration not received on Exports under LUT

Question 95 Whether services provided by Indian company to its foreign parent company be treated as Export of service

Question 94 Liability of exporter if remittance is received late

Question 93 GST liability on services provided by XYZ India to PQR Finland

Question 92 GST liability on services provided by XYZ India to PQR Switzerland (parent company)

Question 91 GST liability on Commission paid for export orders

Question 90 GST implication on intermediary service provided outside India

Question 89 Amount realized through paypal covers under definition of convertible foreign exchange

Question 88 Whether the supply to SEZ will be counted in achieving Export Obligation under EPCG and Advance Authorization, and who can claim refund of tax paid by DTA

Question 87 Procedure for supply of spare free of cost under warranty period for goods exported

Question 86 GST liability on purchase and export of goods without entering India

Question 85 Transfer of raw material from DTA to EOU for manufacturing & export from EOU

Question 84 Export of service

Question 83 Export of goods

Question 82 Export of goods & ITC on goods used in research

Question 81 Export on LUT basis

Question 80 Export of service

Question 79 GST on export supply without consideration

Question 78 Export of free sample under LUT

Question 77 Supply to SEZ

Question 76 ITC for units engaged in domestic sale as well as exports

Question 75 Supply against EPCG licence

Question 74 Re-export of imported goods due to rejection

Question 73 Services provided to foreign company

Question 72 Drawback of custom duty at the time of export

Question 71 Export of service

Question 70 Procedure to be followed in case of bill from dispatch from

Question 69 Advance authorization

Question 68 Export of goods

Question 67 LUT relating to export in previous period

Question 66 Export Procedures & Refund Procedures

Question 65 Deemed export

Question 64 Export of service

Question 63 Non fulfillment of export obligation under EPCG scheme

Question 62 Export of service

Question 61 High sea sale in GSTR3B

Question 60 Return of exported goods

Question 59 Export of cigarette from India to Nepal

Question 58 Export of service

Question 57 Export on payment of IGST even though having LUT

Question 56 LUT relating to export in previous period

Question 55 Purchased goods from foreign country and supply to another country without bringing to India

Question 54 Export of service

Question 53 LUT relating to export in previous months

Question 52 Drawback of custom duty at the time of export

Question 51 Export of service

Question 50 Export procedures in case of export to Nepal

Question 49 Export of service

Question 48 LUT in case of SEZ

Question 47 Validity of LUT

Question 46 Export of service

Question 45 Filling of LUT after export done

Question 44 Registration requirement in case of construction business

Question 43 Requirement of LUT in case of supply to SEZ

Question 42 Supply to SEZ

Question 41 Export of goods

Question 40 Procurement of goods of under concessional rate of 0.1%

Question 39 Extension in time limit of export in case of merchant export

Question 38 Formalities in case of merchant export

Question 37 Purchased goods from foreign country and supply to another country without bringing to India

Question 36 Export of goods through courier

Question 35 Documents for Export on LUT basis

Question 34 Export of service

Question 33 Export of service

Question 32 Sale to SEZ by EOU

Question 31 GST on farm house given on rent

Question 30 Export of service

Question 29 Supply to EOU

Question 28 Purchased goods from foreign country and supply to another country without bringing to India

Question 27 Error in filing GSTR1 regarding shipping bill date is prior to date of tax invoice

Question 26 Invoice in case of Export

Question 25 Export of service

Question 24 Export sales shown under domestic supply column in GTSR3B

Question 23 Relevant clause related to merchant exporter is not available on GST portal 

Question 22 Amendment in export documents

Question 21 Service received from same state to supply to EOU

Question 20 Demand of custom duty

Question 19 Travel services to foreign clients

Question 18 Export of legal services

Question 17 RCM on services received from associate company located in foreign country

Question 16 Manual submission of Refund application 

Question 15 Refund of drawback during the transitional period 

Question 14 Export to Nepal/Bhutan on LUT basis

Question 13 Refund of accumulated ITC 

Question 12 Sale to EOU

Question 11 Receipt of commission from foreign company

Question 10 Transfer from DTA to EOU

Question 9 Export of goods as such which was procured from open market

Question 8 Supply between two SEZ units

Question 7 Clarification on Notification no. 40/2017

Question 6 Merchant Exporters

Question 5 Assembly work to be treated as export service

Question 4 Clarification on Notification no. 41/2017

Question 3 Exemption from pay back of custom duty and IGST

Question 2 Requirement of bond for branches in a state

Question 1 Drawback claim