Our Services


Advisory Support

At Lawcrux, we firmly believe that with advance planning and by attaining rational knowledge of business needs, transactional tax cost efficiency can be achieved to high levels.

In today’s fast pacing business scenarios, we follow the principles of reliability and timeliness for serving our clients. With over 30 years of experience across diverse industries, and with Tribunals and Courts in litigations, we assist you with timely and useful insights.

We aim to work as a business advisor to you, smoothing out the complex environment of different tax in an understandable and executive manner. The following areas are dealt with at Lawcrux:

  • Advisory support on specific issues/transactions
  • Transaction structuring
  • Review of contracts
  • Preparation of project bids/EPC transactions


Litigation Support

Cumbersome paper work, deadlines to file replies, financial costs and potential penal consequences are not the only negatives of the Tax Litigations in India. It also involves loss of constructive hours which can be channelized to raise businesses to different platforms. Any uncertainty over a business transaction could result in loss of market and business.

With widespread portrayal of proficiency in the field, we assist in preparation of a Tax Litigation in a comprehensive manner from the initial stages itself.

  • Drafting of replies to Show Cause Notices
  • Drafting of appeals before appellate authorities and tax tribunal.
  • Due diligence support during mergers, acquisitions and other business arrangements.


Advocacy Support

The government has been taking initiatives in seeking representations from the Industry and the Consumers on the latest legal introductions which are being brought into picture. This involves feedbacks and discussion on a provision of law affecting the business or seeking clarification or requesting for amendment to a redundant provision by the participants of the taxation system. Not many participants of the Tax chain participate in providing such feedback to the government.

At Lawcrux, we provide full support to businesses to do advocacy work with highest ethical standards. We can help you in making representations/policy initiatives seeking amendment in laws or clarifications to:

  • Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Commerce, Government of India
  • Central Board of Indirect Taxes & Customs
  • Directorate General of Foreign Trade
  • State Finance Ministry and tax authorities


GST Implementation Support

Goods and Service Tax (GST) is not only a tax reform but is a reform to how business is conducted in India. GST is a win-win situation for the entire country. It brings benefits to all the stakeholders of Industry, Government and the consumer.

It is a massive step towards redefining the ease of conducting business in India. It will create a business environment where tax credits will flow seamlessly and tax does not become a bottleneck in decision-making.

GST is an opportunity to thoroughly review your supply chain to identify tax costs. GST will impact procurement / supply chain, credit schemes, contracting structures etc. We support our clients in the shift from the conventional structure to the GST regime and also in being compliant in a GST regime.

  • Drafting of writs and special leave petitions before High Courts and the Supreme Court of India.
  • Appearance before adjudicating authorities, appellate authorities, Authority for Advance Rulings, Tribunals and Courts.
  • Litigation support on a PAN India basis.


Health Checks/Due Diligence

Our Risk and Advisory practice offers a complete suite of services to its client, encompassing/covering financial and operating risk assessment, business and financial diligences and regulatory compliance assessment, to help management make better and informed decisions. Our service offerings include:

  • Risk based internal audits and process reviews
  • Compliance support for Clause 49 and Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) Requirements
  • Implementation of Risk assessment frameworks (ERMs/ COSO/COBIT)
  • Development of SOPs/ Policies/ Processes
  • Fraud Investigation
  • Special Management Audit
  • Information security reviews
  • Not for Profit Reviews including:
  • Grant audits
  • Sub grantee reviews
  • Review of donor requirements
  • Enterprise Risk Management

At Lawcrux, we aim to assist you in reviewing such opportunities for tax savings and plugging the non-compliance, if any.

Tax savings and Non compliances


Detailed health checks for risk assessment and identifying tax optimization opportunities.



Compliance Support

We support our clients in meeting day to day business needs of complying with the procedural aspects of indirect tax laws. We work in harmony with your teams to achieve this objective.

  • Preparation of GST returns
  • Preparation of service tax returns
  • Support during departmental audits, return scrutiny and investigations
  • Support in conducting VAT Audit



“An investment in knowledge pays the best interests”
For every business setup to excel, knowledge about the current scenarios and the effects of the ongoing issues on its business plays a major role in leading the path to excellence. Also, technically updated employees are a boon to every setup. We help our clients to train their teams handle complex indirect tax issues they encounter every now and then.

  • General trainings to adapt to indirect tax issues concerning the business.
  • Specialized trainings on peculiar transactions/ issues for supply chain, procurement team, process team etc.
  • Introduction to latest development in indirect tax field like GST.