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Time Trim (Supreme Court) is basically an electronic library dedicated on Supreme Court & High Court matters which has been developed by highly experience professionals covering following matters:


  • Data does not expire (LIFETIME).

  • Quarterly updations will be provided.

  • Covered Judgments of most of the Acts, Rules, Regulations and Journals.

  • All judgments from 1911 onwards are covered like :


  • Vast Search Options available related to: Judges, Advocates, Appeal No., Appellant and Respondent along with all Keywords and Phrases.

  • Legal dictionary having definitions of all Legal terms and Maxims.

  • Facility to take print outs of Judgments directly.

  • Powerful and easy to learn Search Engine.

  • Full set of CD covering all the courts is available at a highly discounted rates, user can access single court or any combination of courts.

  • Covers detailed Head notes of all the Judgments.

  • Search across Multiple Courts i.e search across Supreme Court and High Court simultaneously, without inserting different CD each time.

  • Seamless Navigation with a split view, which lets a user move from one section to another or from one Court to another.

  • It also covers leading cases of supreme court judgement given by special bench of judges.

  • More than 4 lakh judgments are covered in this package.

Court Period Coverage Of Journals
Supreme Court Since 1950 AIR(SC), SCC, JT, Scale, AIR(SCW), SCC(Cri), SCR, Supreme, CrLJ, ACJ, CPJ, ITR, STC, ELT, UJ(SC), Crimes, LLJ, ArbLR
Allahabad High Court Since 1911 AIR(All), ACC, ADJ, All.lj,
Delhi High Court Since 1963 DLT, DRJ, JCC, AIR(Del), AD(Del), ACC, BC, ACJ, DL, CrLJ, ILR(Del), Crimes
J&K High Court Since 1930 SriLJ, KashLJ, JKJ, AIR(J&K), ACJ, SCT, Crimes, CrLJ
Gauhati High Court Since 1942 GLT, GLR, GLJ, AIR(Gua), CrLJ, Crimes
MP High Court Since 1948 AIR(MP), MPLJ, MPHT, JabLJ, MPRR, MPWN, MPJR, Crimes, CrLJ, ACC, ACJ, ILR
Bombay High Court Since 1948 BCR, BCR(Cri), All.M.R, Mah.LJ, Majhl.LR, AIR(Bom)
Karnataka High Court Since 1950 KarLJ, KCCR, AIR(Kar), CrLJ, Crimes, ILR(Kant)
Kerala High Court Since 1949 KerLJ, KCCR, AIR(Ker), ILR(Ker)
Madras High Court Since 1940 MadLJ, CTC, AIR(Mad), CrLJ, Crimes, ILR, ACJ
Calcutta High Court Since 1943 CalLT, CalWN, CalLJ, AIR(Cal), WBLR
Gujarat High Court Since 1950 GHJ, GujLR, GLH, ACJ, AIR(Guj)
Punjab & Haryana High Court Since 1950 RCR(Cri), RCR(Civil), PLR, PLJ, Law Herald, MarrLJ, LLR, RRR, CCC, ACJ
Rajasthan High Court Since 1948 CriLR, RajCriC, AIR( Raj)
Orissa High Court Since 1946 OCC, OLR, AIR(Ori), ACJ
Patna High Court Since 1948 BLJ, BLJR, ACJ, PatLJR, AIR(Pat), CrLJ,Crimes
HP High Court Since 1948 ShimLC, AIR(HP), ACJ, CrLJ, Crimes
Jharkhand High Court Since 2000 AIR(Jhar), AIRJharHCR, Crimes, CrLJ
Chattisghar High Court Since 2000 ACJ, AIR(Chhatis), Crimes, CRLJ
Andhra High Court Since 1950 ALT, AndhWR, APLJ, AIR(AP), Crimes, CrLJ
Sikkim High Court Since 1977 AIR(Sikkim), Crimes,CrLJ
Uttrakhand High Court Since 2008 AIR(Utt), UC

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