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Question 69 Value to be considered for turnover of zero rated supply of goods

Question 68 Amount of services to be shown in invoices issued by CHA

Question 67 Whether GST is liable on insurance charges in case of export on payment of tax

Question 66 GST on amount deducted from foreign supplier account for inferior quality

Question 65 Calculation of IGST on custom Duty

Question 64 Treatment of various discounts in GST

Question 63 GST on subsidy received

Question 62 GST on Mandi tax

Question 61 GST in case of Promoters

Question 60 GST in case of builders & developers

Question 59 Meaning of aggregate turnover

Question 58 GST on Computer given to employee on nominal cost

Question 57 Food supplied through e-commerce operators

Question 56 Goods were transferred to warehouse under excise regime

Question 55 Tax liability in case of composite supply

Question 54 Valuation in case of services provided by branch to hotel

Question 53 Sale of imported machinery

Question 52 Interest on delay payment

Question 51 Rule 42 of CGST Rules 2017

Question 50 GST on demolishing services

Question 49 Valuation when the price is not a sole consideration

Question 48 GST on hotel charges

Question 47 GST treatment for telecommunication services

Question 46 GST on sale of demo cars

Question 45 GST on installation charges

Question 44 GST on empty cylinders

Question 43 Discount given after supply

Question 42 Pure agent services

Question 41 Discount reflected in the invoice

Question 40 Supply made to distinct person

Question 39 Valuation as per Rule 28

Question 38 Pure agent services

Question 37 Rate of GST on sale of material which was purchased earlier

Question 36 GST on advance received

Question 35 Excess rate charged in invoice

Question 34 ITC in case of one product given as free for purchase of two products

Question 33 Food provided to employees

Question 32 Discount after supply

Question 31 GST on outdoor catering services

Question 30 Discount after supply

Question 29 GST on out of pocket expenses

Question 28 Interest paid to partner

Question 27 Sale of salvage of plant & machinery damaged in fire

Question 26 Sale of old car

Question 25 Valuation in case of real estate business

Question 24 Works contract services

Question 23 Price of returnable packaging

Question 22 Valuation of pure services

Question 21 Valuation as per Rule 2A(ii) of service tax rule 2006

Question 20 Value of supply to be shown in GTSR3B

Question 19 Valuation as per Rule 2A(ii) of service tax rule 2006

Question 18 Valuation in case of air ticket

Question 17 Valuation in case of zero rated supply

Question 16 Effective rate of BCD

Question 15 Reimbursement value in case of pure agent

Question 14 Purchase from SEZ unit

Question 13 Sale of old car

Question 12 Sale of old car

Question 11 Place of supply in case of hotel

Question 10 Valuation of goods in case of job work

Question 9 Valuation in respect of purchase or sale of foreign currency

Question 8 Purchase of new car & old car given as exchange

Question 7 Rate of GST on sale of car

Question 6 Composite & mixed supply

Question 5 Threshold limit for registration

Question 4 Product provided as free

Question 3 Supply of goods to related party

Question 2 GST on Mandi tax

Question 1 Captive consumption of intermediate products