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Question 46 Credit of service tax regime was transferred to ECL via Tran-1 now rendered inadmissible.

Question 45 Eligibility of ITC in TRAN-1 for goods in stock of depot not supported by Central Excise duty paying documents

Question 44 Filing of TRAN-1 for stock already held and having no CENVAT registration.

Question 43 Requirement to file TRAN-1 for all assesses

Question 42 Payment of additional liability in annual return

Question 41 Claim of refund due to non filing of tran-1

Question 40 Rejection of refund claim on the grounds that Tran1 was not filled regarding this

Question 39 Reversal of inadmissible transitional ITC

Question 38 ITC of Service Tax paid on flats booked before getting completion certificate

Question 37 Transitional ITC on finished goods sold from Godown under cover of GST invoice issued from Godown

Question 36 Time limit for submitting GST TRAN-1

Question 35 Time limit for submitting GST TRAN-2 & ITC for commercial stock after the date of TRAN-2

Question 34 Return of goods under GST regime which was transferred under VAT regime

Question 33 ITC on payment of tax relating to earlier tax regime is made after GST regime

Question 32 Claim of drawback at the time of export and as well as claim of ITC of IGST paid on import

Question 31 ITC on payment of tax relating to earlier tax regime is made after GST regime

Question 30 Claim of special additional duty as SGST or CGST in TRAN-1

Question 29 Availability of Swachh Bharat Cess and Krishi Kalyan Cess for Transitional credit

Question 28 Restriction on stock held on appointed day

Question 27 Payment of excise dues out of the ITC credit out of transitional or regular ITC credit of CGST amount

Question 26 Claim of ITC on machinery bought in june 2017 by unregistered person in excise

Question 25 Deduction of service tax liability for the period 2015-16 from cenvat credit when Trans 1 is not submitted

Question 24 ITC on available on stock as on 1st july 2017

Question 23 Refund claim of service tax paid.

Question 22 Migration of exiting taxpayer

Question 21 Date for filing TRAN-2

Question 20 Gap in reported ITC in return and assessed ITC.

Question 19 Credit of AED in Tran-1.

Question 18 Amendment relating to TRANS-1 open for submission

Question 17 Details to be filed in the supplier registration column in Tran-1 if supplier is unregistered

Question 16 Credit of GST used in payment of service tax

Question 15 Credit of Special Additional Duty (SAD) under GST Act via Tran-1

Question 14 Credit of RCM of service tax

Question 13 Requirement to file ITC-04 in respect of the goods which were sent under earlier regime.

Question 12 Refund in respect of goods cleared in june-2017 in Excise ERA with payment of excise duty

Question 11 Use of Cenvat credit carried forward under GST for making payment of excise dues arising subsequently

Question 10 Credit of RCM of service tax

Question 9 Unutilised PLA/Cash balance

Question 8 Refund of excess service tax paid

Question 7 Detail of ITC submitted in TRAN-1 but the system has not credited the credit ledger

Question 6 Goods sent to Job work received after 180 days & cenvat credit of same has reversed

Question 5 Credit of capital goods

Question 4 Transitional credit of Grey Fabrics in Semi Finished form and of finished goods stock of raw cotton & processed fabrics

Question 3 Treatment of TRAN-1 Credit Amount Objected by department

Question 2 ITC of imported goods in GST TRAN -1

Question 1 Return of goods which was exempted in earlier law