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Question 32 GST applicability on interest income against Letter of Credit for goods charged by the supplier / exporter as per their agreement.

Question 31 Applicability of GST on ocean freight on export of goods

Question 30 Applicability of amendment upto date of Notification

Question 29 GST liability on job work services on rice, income earned by way of sale of rejects etc

Question 28 GST liability on health care services provided to employees

Question 27 GST on the hire charges paid by the oil company (providing service of GTA) to people from whom the tankers were taken on hire.

Question 26 RCM on health care services received for employees

Question 25 Eligibility of exemption notification on HSN 842139

Question 24 GST liability on letting out of multi storied hostel building for residential purpose

Question 23 GST on profit earned in DEMAT commodity trading

Question 22 GST on rental income of Poultry farm

Question 21 GST on rental income on machinery supplied to municipal corporation

Question 20 Gujarat Advance ruling authority order in the case of Shree Dipesh Anilkumar Naik

Question 19 GST on intermediary services

Question 18 Service of construction of residential bungalow

Question 17 Transfer of business

Question 16 Services provided to Government agencies

Question 15 GST on charges paid for non occurrence of transaction

Question 14 GST on charges paid for non occurrence of transaction

Question 13 GST on intermediary services

Question 12 Transfer of business to legal heir

Question 11 Services provided by DHL, FedEx etc

Question 10 GST on giving motor vehicles on hire to GTA

Question 9 GST on registration fee charged by society for holding a conference

Question 8 Merger of firm in to company

Question 7 GST applicability on consumable used in treatment of patients

Question 6 Sale to charitable trust

Question 5 Service provided by Society

Question 4 Services provided by RWA

Question 3 Health care services provided by doctor

Question 2 Service by way of hiring of motor vehicles

Question 1 Service by way of transportation of passengers