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Question 76 GST implications on leasing of car without transferring of ownership

Question 75 GST on sale of flat before obtaining completion certificate booked in pre GST regime

Question 74 GST liability on supply of carbon credit

Question 73 ITC of any HSN code can be utilized for any HSN code outward supply, GST liability on any allowance paid to employee exceeding value of INR 50000/-

Question 72 ITC and GST on canteen services provided to employees

Question 71 GST on sale of capital goods on which ITC was not claimed

Question 70 Purchase and export of goods without entering India

Question 69 GST on transfer of old Ambulance to Hospital free of cost

Question 68 GST liability on writing off amount due to creditor

Question 67 Discard of motor

Question 66 Sports goods are provided free of cost to the players

Question 65 Sale from SEZ unit

Question 64 GST on commission

Question 63 Consideration paid in kind

Question 62 Supply of goods under warranty

Question 61 Export of free samples

Question 60 Goods supplied at free of cost

Question 59 Rental income

Question 58 Interest free loan to related party

Question 57 Imported goods are re-exported

Question 56 Purchase of car from another state

Question 55 GST on exchange rate fluctuation

Question 54 Services received from parent company

Question 53 Service provided by subsidiary to holding company

Question 52 Calculation of aggregate turnover

Question 51 Catering & bus services

Question 50 Service by employer to employee

Question 49 Sale of machinery

Question 48 Construction service

Question 47 GST on lease rent

Question 46 Goods transferred under VAT regime & now return under GST regime

Question 45 Distribution of electricity

Question 44 Services provided by SEZ developer to SEZ unit

Question 43 Remuneration to partner

Question 42 Transfer of business assets

Question 41 Supplies made to distinct person

Question 40 Remuneration to partner

Question 39 Interest paid for early payment

Question 38 GST on Slump sale

Question 37 Supply to SEZ

Question 36 GST on freight

Question 35 Sale of old car

Question 34 Transaction between group companies

Question 33 Registration requirement in case of event management

Question 32 GST on Mandi tax

Question 31 Manufacturing & trading in same factory

Question 30 GST compliances in case of death of proprietor

Question 29 Details to be shown in GSTR1 by GTA

Question 28 Details to be shown in GSTR1 by GTA

Question 27 GST on member ship fees charged by society

Question 26 Purchase of new tractor in exchange of old along with cash payment

Question 25 GST on flats relating to land owner's share which is handed over to him by the builder

Question 24 Supply between related or distinct person

Question 23 GST on builders constructing residential house

Question 22 Sale of old car

Question 21 Sending of empty drums to supplier

Question 20 GST on export commission

Question 19 Sale of old car

Question 18 Treatment of advance received

Question 17 Diwali gifts to employees

Question 16 Diwali gifts to employees

Question 15 Business sold as slump sale

Question 14 Maintenance charges collected from members by society

Question 13 Vehicle hiring service

Question 12 Sale of old car

Question 11 Sale of old vehicles

Question 10 Sale of Truck

Question 9 Maintenance charges collected from members by society

Question 8 Transfer of capital goods

Question 7 Sale of old car

Question 6 Supply of service as pure agent

Question 5 Purchase of new battery & exchanged the old

Question 4 Payment of tax by registered person

Question 3 High sea sales & Free samples to customers

Question 2 Gifts to employees

Question 1 Sale of old car