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Question 56 Calculation of turnover for Service tax threshold exemption

Question 55 Effective date of Rule 96(10)

Question 54 Clarification of Rule 149 of CGST Act i.e. Prohibition against sale on holidays.

Question 53 Draft of Appeal in case of detention of vehicle

Question 52 Time limit and circumstances to issue SCN u/s 74 & 76

Question 51 Tax planning for import of parts to be used for Exporting machine

Question 50 Proper Officer for release of goods seized by GST agency

Question 49 Whether issue of Royalty has been decided by the bench or it is still pending

Question 48 Procedure for import/export of gold

Question 47 Can assessee ask for “reasons to believe” during the search proceedings

Question 46 Is it necessary to deposit the Pre-deposit through Challan in Government account only or the pre deposit can be made through CENVAT CREDIT

Question 45 How SCN demanding Service tax on Reimbursement of Electricity be challenged

Question 44 Procedure for import of water melon seed for consumption purpose after imposing of restiriction by the DGFT,

Question 43 Service tax on Work Contract Service provided to undertaking by Ministry of Railway

Question 42 Whether clubbing of income is possible with GST firm.

Question 41 Whether the credit of Service Tax on the rental of Showroom can be availed for utilizing it to pay Service Tax on the services provided by the Service Center

Question 40 Demand in ST period calculated under Section 72 can again be raised under Section 73(1)

Question 39 Liability of service tax on rent

Question 38 Competent authority to accept the extension of various bonds

Question 37 Aggregate turnover for registration

Question 36 Tax incentive policy for GST in Telangana

Question 35 Utilization of EPCG license

Question 34 Return of FMCG product to the supplier

Question 33 Power to issue notice of scrutiny of return

Question 32 Recording of unaccounted stock which was surrendered under income tax survey

Question 31 Service provider fails to pay GST amount

Question 30 GST liability in case of registration in different states

Question 29 Amount on which GST is to be paid

Question 28 Restaurant providing take away services

Question 27 Calculation of turnover limit for GST Audit purpose

Question 26 Procedure to authorised some person to sign the invoices

Question 25 Road contract completed in july 2017 but payment received in august 2018

Question 24 Entry tax of diesel purchase from another state

Question 23 Application for enrolment as GST Practitioner in PCT-01

Question 22 Engineering services provided in relation to immovable property

Question 21 Guest house services provided by SEZ developers

Question 20 Reference of AAR rulings in Ebook

Question 19 Change of Email id on GST portal

Question 18 Format of CA certificate for Form ITC-02

Question 17 Advance received against services

Question 16 Definition of agent as per section 2(5) of CGST Act

Question 15 Amendment of mobile number & email address

Question 14 Exemption list of GST in the E-book

Question 13 Applicability of service tax on real estate agent

Question 12 Storage of goods in the storage tanks of SEZ unit

Question 11 Format of CA certificate for refund

Question 10 Amendment of mobile number & email address

Question 9 Notification for TDS deduction

Question 8 Store of material at port

Question 7 Threshold exemption of registration for director

Question 6 Registration requirement in case of construction business

Question 5 Treatment of collaboration agreements

Question 4 Effective date of amendment in rule 43

Question 3 Resale of capital assests

Question 2 Tax on advance received

Question 1 Section 51 of CGST Act 2017