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Question 65 Whether fresh invoice can be issued for payment made in 21-22 against goods supplied in 19-20

Question 64 HSN of EV charging station, SAC for installation, commissioning and maintenance

Question 63 Documentation in case of multiple parties involved in single transaction

Question 62 Issuance of debit credit note on expiry/breakage of physician sample

Question 61 Procedure for sending machine for demo purposes from one customer to other

Question 60 Procedure to be adopted in GST for removal of material on non-sales FOC transactions basis

Question 59 GSTIN of recipient is not mentioned in invoice

Question 58 Series of domestic invoices & export invoice

Question 57 Invoicing requirement in case of export

Question 56 Invoicing in case of continuous supply

Question 55 Effective date of registration

Question 54 Invoicing in case of high sea sale

Question 53 Documentation for returning of empty crates

Question 52 Authorised signatory to sign invoices

Question 51 Credit notes of july 2017 wrongly entered

Question 50 Invoice requirement in case of services

Question 49 Registration requirement

Question 48 procedure for taking goods in other states

Question 47 Invoicing in case of unregistered person

Question 46 Invoicing in case of taxable as well as exempt supplies

Question 45 Invoicing in case of taxable as well as exempt supplies

Question 44 Time of issue of invoice

Question 43 Invoicing in case of distinct person

Question 42 Requirement to issue invoice for development charges

Question 41 Requirement to issue credit notes

Question 40 Invoicing requirement for die which is used in manufacturing

Question 39 Document in case of receipt of advance

Question 38 Requirement to issue credit notes & GST applicability on borewell activity

Question 37 Issuance of credit note without charging GST in it

Question 36 HSN/SAC to be mentioned in credit note

Question 35 Invoicing & GST requirement in case of royalty

Question 34 Invoicing requirement in case of exempted goods

Question 33 Eway bill in case of bill to ship to

Question 32 Rent invoice not raised

Question 31 Goods send for exhibition

Question 30 HSN wise summary in invoice

Question 29 Invoicing requirement in case of transfer of goods to depots

Question 28 Document in case of sale of old car

Question 27

Question 26 Issuance of credit note due to revision in tax rate

Question 25 Procedure for receiving goods back from warehouse

Question 24 Documentation requirement in case of sale through e-commerce operator

Question 23 New series of invoice for new financial year

Question 22 Less payment to foreign supplier

Question 21 Mistake in raising commercial invoice 

Question 20 Commission invoice issued by the receiver of the service

Question 19 Issuance of credit note in respect of supply made in Pre-GST period

Question 18 Invoice requirements in case of SEZ

Question 17 Invoice requirements in case of export

Question 16 Procedure for sending & receiving back of goods send for cold storage warehouse

Question 15 Documentation & Registration requirements for work contract

Question 14 Sending goods for storage

Question 13 Sending goods on challan & issue tax invoice on monthly basis

Question 12 Procedure for return of defective goods

Question 11 Document for sending goods for temporary warehousing

Question 10 Bond to Bond Transfer

Question 9 Documents for return back the goods to supplier

Question 8 Extension in date of filing Tran-1

Question 7 Documentation for sale of rejected material

Question 6 Issuance of debit/credit note after the import is done

Question 5 Documents for sending goods by one job worker to another

Question 4 Requirement of debit/credit notes

Question 3 Document to be issued by unregistered person

Question 2 Delivery not made due to damage in transit

Question 1 Documents for clearances for exhibition