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Question 34 Liability of GST on consideration received for repairs done on imported goods

Question 33 Applicability of Concessional rate of duty on import of goods under HSN 22072000

Question 32 Leviability of Social welfare surcharge on import and supplies to DTA by EOU

Question 31 How to claim BCD paid at the time of import used for executing export orders

Question 30 GST implications on re-work charges recovered from foreign supplier

Question 29 Procedure for clearance of goods left out during filing of Bill of Entry

Question 28 Rate of duty on HSN code 08013290 if import from Benin

Question 27 Import of goods without payment of customs duty with the condition of re-export within 6 months

Question 26 Import of service

Question 25 GST on import of service

Question 24 Import of goods & sold them to another state in India

Question 23 Procedure of Exit from EOU

Question 22 Procuring of goods from foreign country and supply to another country without bringing to India

Question 21 Return of imported machine parts to the supplier

Question 20 GST on foreign supplier providing services in India

Question 19 Use of MEIS scripts for payment of IGST on import

Question 18 GST on goods procured from foreign country & supplied to another country

Question 17 Rate of tax as per Notification no. 46/2017 customs dated 30.06.2017

Question 16 RCM on import of service

Question 15 Applicability of GST on reimbursement

Question 14 GST on ocean freight in case of import

Question 13 GST on ocean freight in case of import

Question 12 Applicable date of circular no 46/2017 customs

Question 11 Return back the material to foreign which was received as free supply from foreign buyer

Question 10 GST on sale of goods lying in bonded store

Question 9 Sale of goods from custom bonded warehouse

Question 8 GST provisions for import of services

Question 7 Power of custom officer

Question 6 Dealing of issues related to IGST

Question 5 Port code required for IGST paid on import of goods

Question 4 Clearance of finished goods against advance license to DTA

Question 3 GST on ocean freight in case of import

Question 2 Provisions for return of tax paid exported goods

Question 1 Difference in date of bill of entry and date of clearance