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Question 34 Optional /mandatory fields for Filing GSTR-9 and GSTR-9C for FY 2020-21 or 2021-22

Question 33 Last date for filing and late fees thereon

Question 32 Treatment in GSTR9 for Wrongly filed NIL GSTR-3B and have not paid OTL as well as not claimed ITC in January 2018

Question 31 Treatment of ITC in case supplier had sent goods in March 18 but was received in April 18 in Annual Return

Question 30 Uploading of Consolidated Balance Sheet & P& L A/c while filing GSTR 9C.

Question 29 Figures of ITC auto populated in GSTR 9 are not matched with the figures appearing in Form GSTR 2A

Question 28 Clarification on amount to be shown in table no.8

Question 27 Figures to be mentioned in table 14 of Form 9C

Question 26 Filing of GSTR 9 and GSTR 9C simultaneously

Question 25 RCM in respect of 2017-18 paid during 2018- 19

Question 24 Inclusion of supply related to Non GST Supply while calculating aggregate turnover

Question 23 RCM not paid on some inward supplies identified during annual return

Question 22 Clarification on amount to be shown in table no. 8.  

Question 21 Clarification of amount to be shown in table 8G of GSTR 9

Question 20 Clarification on table no.under which RCM deposited to be shown

Question 19 Clarification of amount to be shown in table 9Q of GSTR 9C

Question 18 Excess tax paid in GSTR3B adjusted in subsequent months GSTR3B

Question 17 Incorrect ITC claimed in GSTR3B of July 2017 & reversed in GSTR3B of September 2018

Question 16 Attachment of cash flow with 9C

Question 15 Unable to attach the Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account.

Question 14 Error while uploading JSON

Question 13 Error while uploading JSON showing as invalid DSC

Question 12 Clarifications in respect of Part B of GSTR9C

Question 11 ITC to be shown in table 14 of GSTR9C

Question 10 Error while uploading JSON

Question 9 Audit in case of aggregate turnover exceeds 2 Crores

Question 8 Mention of Refund of 2017-18 received in 2018-19 in GSTR9

Question 7 ITC not reversed by making payment through DRC-03

Question 6 Column 8A of GSTR9 is not matched with GSTR2A

Question 5 The period taken in to consideration for the purpose of aggregate turnover limit

Question 4 Disclosure column in GSTR3B for ITC wrongly availed and not reversed

Question 3 Error while uploading JSON

Question 2 Column in which additional liability to be shown

Question 1 Filing of turnover details in Table 5A of GSTR9C